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Mark the dates for our future events!

We serve the 55+ Community by providing multi-cultural activities and services with goal of healthy aging, as well as volunteer opportunities to facilitate increased interaction in the senior community. 

The Edmonton Programming Intergenerational Committee is hard at work planning future board game and literature nights, as well as getting our storytime funshop, scriptwriting, and gardening projects underway ! 

Here's what our events and projects look like!

Current News: 

Through a series of interactive projects, the EPIC is working towards increasing intergenerational interaction and collaboration.



  • Increasing collaboration between youth and seniors
  • Hosting events and projects to facilitate community interaction.
  • Providing volunteering opportunities for both youth and seniors. 
  • Providing companionship for seniors and helping them avoid senior isolation. 
  • Encourage seniors to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation, thus helping to shape the community in a positive way.

Our team is always welcoming new volunteers and interns to help us reach our goals! Contact us for information about volunteer and internship opportunities.

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